• MrJayOhh

    Akira Yuki in DOA5?

    March 5, 2012 by MrJayOhh

    Ok now it was a little weird that after the longest of time SEGA has been making way with the Virtua Fighter IP with the recent news of downloadable version and other sort of niche movements but this takes the cake in terms of going on.

    Tecmo, the developers of the very fun Dead or Alive series have released a trailer featuring our home town hero Akira Yuki, as a cameo appearance guest character. Well this is not that much of a dramatic union of game styles because DOA has been quoted to be inspired from VF and even built from the original board (can't find a reference for that so don't hold that on me)so this fits well with me.

    As Joysitq's journalist Richard Mitchell says, the new interest in fighting game crossovers is building up. This is…

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