• Aoikis


    September 15, 2012 by Aoikis

    So... There is very few cosplays with VF's characters, and this year, an anime event called CATSU were announced to happen here in my city.

    So I asked my parents if I could cosplay.

    They said yes.

    And then I had to think an economic character, since we don't have R$268797 (please do notice I'm brazilian), I searched for a character who I wouldn't need a wig with clothes not so complex. So I choosed Eileen. (I'm ginger, so all I needed was cutting my hair a bit more and smooth it).

    Me and my mother went Miramontes, a tissue shop, because there were some stylists who stay there giving tips about who you should talk, dressmakers and it all, and there was one stylist who said he could help us. He did the cosplay --- and he did in TWO WEEKS. WHICH …

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