Liu Kowloon
Ryu Kowloon
Liu in the Virtua Fighter anime series.
Country Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Fighting Style Tiger Swallow Fist (Koen-ken)
Job Leader of the Koenkan in Hong Kong
Debut Virtua Fighter anime

Liu Kowloon (劉九龍; pinyin: Liú Jiǔlóng, lit. "Invinsible Nine Dragons") is a character in the Virtua Fighter anime series.


Found and saved by Lau Chan as a poor child on the streets, he becomes Lau's disciple, the leader of the Koenkan in Hong Kong, and betrothed of Pai Chan. Behind Lau's back, he turned Koenkan into a criminal organization, seeks to eliminate him and marry Pai to become the head of Koenkan worldwide. Power hungry, controlling, and a strong martial artist in his own right, he does not tolerate failure or betrayal and has a reluctant alliance with Eva.

After being betrayed three times by her, he is fatally shot by her, and is killed by Dural while trying to save his master, where he reveals the path he took was to become like Lau, strong and powerful.

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