Eva Durix
Eva Durix
Eva in the Virtua Fighter anime series.
Job Robotics scientist
Debut Virtua Fighter anime
Voice Actor Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese)
Katherine Vernon (English)

Eva Durix (エヴァ・デュリックス) is the main antagonist of the Virtua Fighter anime series.


Eva is the creator of Dural and Dural Gold. In the first season, she had Kage-Maru kidnap Sarah for the creation of Dural, and used her to gather fighting information from the others. She had once presented a paper believing that the potential of martial artists was limited and restrained by their own emotions, conscience and fears, and if they were removed, they could become the perfect weapon and far more dangerous than a trained soldier. But this claim was dismissed by the scientific community.

With the help of Koenkan, she is out to prove the effects of her research, though her use of combat machines is often ridiculed by the martial artists, including Liu and Akira. However, the results shown through Sarah end up capturing the interest of the Rafale company. Lacking empathy, traitorous, and manipulative, she will stop at nothing to achieve her goals and never shows concern for anyone other than herself, and even mocks the others for mourning Liu when he dies.

She is supposedly killed at the end of the first season from a collapsing building, but is revealed to be alive in the next. After the defeat of Gold Dural, she attempts to pull the gun on the heroes but is pulled into a chasm by Dural. Akira grabs her and tries to save her so she can atone for her actions, and after finally understanding that his compassion makes him strong, she refuses to accept that future and falls to her death with a smile.