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Lightning-fast attacks, complex footwork, and dynamic aerial assaults are all hallmarks of the beautiful yet deadly style of ensei-ken.

Ensei-ken (燕青拳; also written 迷蹤拳 and pronounced Mízōngquán in Mandarin Chinese) is a form of wushu derived from the style of the shaolin. According to legend, this style was created by Yan Qing, a hero from the classical Chinese novel "Outlaws of the Marsh." Mizongquan is a main school of wushu in northern China, and features both unarmed and weapon-based forms.

The name mizongquan means lost track boxing; an apt name considering the unpredictability of the art. Using unusual combination attacks and direction shifts, a mizongquan practitioner can attack from all angles and stymie even the most stalwart defense. Speed is the key, with agile movements and tricky footwork adding to the unpredictability of the art. Mizongquan is especially deadly when it takes to the air.

This style focuses on internal energy, and strength and coordination of the legs, torso, and eyes are essential. This style has also been adapted to various forms of weapon-based combat.

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